APH x Dahlia


APH are an ECA collective aiming to bring creativity to Edinburghs nightlife through the design of promotional material as well as organising evening events and exhibitions that are accessible to all.  

On 16/3 we organised and co-hosted an event to celebrate the launch of new life store Dahlia located in the Marchmont area.  We invited an array of local creatives to exhibit and sell their prints, zines and other products. This also provided a platform for them to network and potentially discuss selling their work in the shop permanently. 

We as a collective were responsible for designing and printing the promotional material for this event. We had to consider what style would fit with the feel of the store along with staying true to our aesthetic of bright colours and striking compositions. We also had to figure out how to present the work effectively and often had meetings with the client to discuss the pieces on sale and general costs/finances such as commission and printing costs. 

charlotteshenderson@gmail.com​  |  Tel: 07720048259